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About Pulla Reddy Sweets

G Pulla Reddy began his sweet shop in 1948 selling burfi on a small cart in Denkanikottai (a small town in Tamil Nadu, India). Gradually, 28-year-old Pulla Reddy expanded his business to lanes of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India and eventually to Hyderabad. Today, there are over 15 stores in Hyderabad and Kurnool that carry the same tradition and sweet taste. He left behind a legacy of delicacies cherished by millions in the country and globally.

Why should you shop at Pulla Reddy Store?

G Pulla Reddy Sweets prides itself on a “sweet tradition” and delivers on its promise. They specialise in manufacturing Indian sweets and savouries in pure ghee. They also have a range of sugar-free sweets. The brand is known for its delicious traditional sweets, quality ingredients and authentic flavours. They’ve been a part of several occasions and ceremonies due to their commitment to making nothing less than the best. You can also find an assortment of sweet boxes to give you a little bit of everything!

What products does Pulla Reddy Store carry?

G Pulla Reddy Sweets offers an array of sweets and savouries to meet your requirement. There is always something for a party, festival or even relish on a regular day. Its range of products is sure to remind you of the good ol’ days and the rich flavours of India. Some of the famous sweets and savories offered by G Pulla Reddy Sweets include: Chegodi, Ariselu, Madatha kaja, MangoPickle, Ghee Kaju Pakoda, Bobbatlu and lot more!

How to order sweets and savories from Pulla Reddy store from USA and Canada ?

You can order from Pulla Reddy sweets online through Cherrypick in three simple steps:
Step 1: Log in to Cherrypick.city and click on Pulla Reddy
Step 2: Browse through the several products, add them to your cart and complete the purchase
Step 3: Sit back and relax! We’ll deliver your order within 3 - 5 working days

Cherrypick makes shopping Indian sweets and delicacies from USA and Canada safe and super convenient. Sign up for Cherrypick to order from Pulla Reddy Sweets today!

    Common questions

  • How does Pulla Reddy shopping on Cherrypick work?

    Cherrypick has partnered with Pulla Reddy Sweets to bring you the ultimate shopping experience. You can explore the range of products offered by Pulla Reddy Sweets on Cherrypick.city. Once you place an order, our fleet of delivery executives visit Pulla Reddy store and pick up your order. It’s carefully packed to ensure maximum freshness at the time of delivery. We work closely with our delivery partners to bring you the sweets and savories in the USA or Canada.

  • Does Cherrypick carry all the products from Pulla Reddy?

    Cherrypick carries almost all the products in the Pulla Reddy store except for a few perishable products that might not last long enough during the transit from India.

  • How much does Pulla Reddy Sweet delivery cost on Cherrypick?

    We do care about keeping the costs low for our customers. Cherrypick provides you a breakdown of all the fees that you will be charged at the checkout page. You can carefully review all the fees before placing the order.

    The total cost of your order includes the price of the items, a shipping fee, and a service fee. Service fees help us operate the Cherrypick platform and provide exceptional services.

  • Do the products stay fresh when I receive them?

    Yes! Absolutely. Our short delivery period and careful packaging ensure you receive the products fresh.

  • Can I combine products from other stores with Pulla Reddy products?

    Absolutely! Our delivery executives will pick up all your orders from different stores and ship them to your desired destination in the USA or Canada.