24 Mantra Organic

Basmati Rice

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World over, organic foods are now synonymous with healthy lifestyle, nutrition and absolute purity. Just the reason why 24 Mantra brings you the first ever, 100% natural basmati rice brand in India.

Grown without the use of synthetic or petrochemical based pesticides, fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds or plant material, 24 Mantra Organic Rice comes with USDA and Indian Organic certifications that confirm its purity and natural ingredients. With special emphasis on quality and the farming process, the natural authentic taste of 24 Mantra Organic Rice is further augmented. The white organic basmati rice is aged for a year to enhance its nutty flavor.

It even elongates to twice its original size when cooked. 24 Mantra Organic in a special pack that ensures no contact with air. Thus, making sure that the goodness of nature is not only well preserved, but also reserved for you. Indeed, 24 Mantra Organic Basmati Rice is a delectable feast for both your palate and your eyes.

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