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Incense Cone -Musk

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Deepam is based in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, manufacturing natural incense and lifestyle products since 1994, inspired by the secrets of the Vedic use of herbs & flowers.

This original signature incense line is balanced with 100% natural fragrances, pure organic essential oils, unique selection of leaves, herbs & flowers. The result is a fresh and fragrant aroma that brings a room to life.

Wooden powder (without charcoal) is bound with natural gum resin with pure organic essential oils. Handmade paper packaging is done to encourage environment consciousness and for the best retention of aroma.

Size : PKT of 15 Incense Cones

Key Ingredients : Wood Powder, Pure Essential Oils
No Charcoal and No Phthalates

Bless your physical & emotional well-being with aromatherapy!!

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