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    Made from finest Quality Asafoetida from Afghanistan and Kazakhstan

    Suitable for curries, broths, dals, and pickles

    LG - Celebrating over 125 years of purity

  • Compounded Asafoetida Is & Also Useful As A Digestive Spice That Has The Additional Benefit Of Lowering Cholesterol And Reducing Gas, And Other Health Problems.
  • ?Gum Arabic, Maida, Asafoetida
About the Brand

    To Provide That Essential Tadka To Each Dish, Laljee Godhoo & Co Has Been A Trusted Manufacturer Of Compounded Asafoetida Since 1894. To Use L.G. Lumps, Cook A Piece Of This Cake In Oil To Bring Out Its Piquant Qualities. As Soon As Asafoetida Is Added To A Liquid, It Brings Out An Earthy Aroma To Amplify Flavours Of Certain Dishes Like Sambhar, Rasam And Other Stews. A Pinch Of L.G. Powder Can Be Directly Added To Oil Along With Your Favourite Spices, And It Will Blend In The Backdrop, Bringing Out Enhanced Flavours Of Other Spices

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