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Patachitra Handpainted Wall Plate - 12"

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Design a magical story of heritage India on your favorite wall. Our local artisans from Odisha are celebrating authenticity of Patachitra Art on Wooden Wall Plates. 

Patachitra is centuries old rich heritage of Odisha depicting beautiful stories of Hindu Mythology, nature & animals. 

Embrace this bespoke collection at your beautiful home !!! Shop a Story !!! 

Usage Recommendation : as wall decor, table decor (Indoor purpose) 

Material : Wooden - Saraswati

Size : 12" Dia

Wall Plate comes with a standard hook hole at the back side to hang on the wall with ease. 

Disclaimer : Handmade & Handpainted products may have minute imperfections and insignificantly different from each other which make them unique & special. Let's embrace the beauty !!!

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