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Perfume Sachet - Citrus Spice

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Naturveda is based in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, manufacturing natural incense and lifestyle products since 1994, inspired by the secrets of the Vedic use of herbs & flowers.

This original signature incense line is balanced with 100% natural fragrances, pure organic essential oils, unique selection of leaves, herbs & flowers. The result is a fresh and fragrant aroma that brings a room to life.

The sachets, with their refined packaging, are best suited for wardrobes, drawers, suitcases and cars in which the long lasting fragrances will be gradually released enveloping the clothes with your favourite fragrance for a clean, fresh and elegant feel.

Key Ingredients : Wood Powder, Pure Essential Oils


   Remove from transparent outer wrap before use.

   Do not open paper sachet.

   Place them in cupboards, drawers, laundry baskets and travel bags.

   You can store one with seasonal clothes to keep them smelling fresh!

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