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Pure Kansa Nut Bowl - 5.5" Dia

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Pure Kansa is handmade & hand-beaten, ultra-super metal for cooking, eating & drinking.

Talented metalsmiths from Murshidabad in West Bengal are handcrafting Kansa Utensils since generations with highest standard of purity !!

Easy way to identify purity of Kansa is, the very long resonating sound, it makes. Also Kansa doesn't react to sour acidic food. Kansa is considered as the Healthiest Metal since Vedic time.

Kansa Nut Bowl  

Size : 5.5" Dia, 2.5" H 

Weight : 200 Gm 

Care Instruction : Normal Wipe Cleaning. Clean with Salt & Lemon once in a week to retain the polish. Always dry after cleaning with soft cloth

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