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Bellam Sunnivundalu

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Remember when you were a kid and visited your grandparents’ home during the summer vacations? The days would be incomplete without fighting over Bellam Sunnivundalu with your cousins! It would always be on your grandmother’s menu! You would also make sure to take a box full of these delicious goodies back to the city to relish its taste even after the vacation. When you choose a box of Bellam Sunnivundalu from Vellanki Foods, we guarantee that it will be just like your grandmother’s, and take you back to your childhood! Made with urad dal, ghee and jaggery, Bellam Sunnivundalu is high in calcium content and comes with the health benefit of making the bones of children and women stronger.


  • Black gram(Urad dal), Jaggery, Ghee.

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