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Besan Ki Laddu

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Another crowd favourite during festivals and functions, you can never go wrong with purchasing our Besan Ki Laddu. Made from gram flour or besan which is roasted in ghee, the aroma of this sweet dish is sure to transport you to your happy place! Our Besan Ki Laddus are flavoured with sugar and cardamom and have a long shelf life so that you can enjoy it for a very long time. Another advantage of Besan Ki Laddu is how light it can be on your digestive system without making you feel like you had an overdose of extreme sugar. Roasted besan, spiced and delicate, forms the most delicious of ladoos. These golden balls of sweetness melt in the mouth. Given their relatively long shelf life and mild sweetness, Besan Laddus are often offered at festivals and religious occasions. Light, refreshing and charming, besan laddoos win hearts wherever they're eaten.


  • Gram flour (Besan), Sugar, Ghee

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