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Dry Fruit burfi (Sugar Free)

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No one, in their lifetime, is spared of sweet-cravings. They come to us, irrespective of our age and health conditions. Does that mean we must always exercise caution? Yes, but not entirely! The rich and delicious Dry Fruit Burfi from Vellanki Foods comes in a sugar-free variant, making it suitable for consumption by diabetic persons as well as those health-conscious individuals who cannot live without sweets! Made with badams, anjeer, cashews, pista, relish powder and ghee, this sweet is a celebration, in every bite. Order a box of Dry Fruit Burfi from Vellanki Foods now to see that sugar-free happiness is very much possible!


  • Badam, Anjeera, Cashews, Pista, Relish powder, Ghee.

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