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Ghee Mysore Pak (Soft)

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The two things that make the city of Mysore famous - the Mysore Palace and the Mysore Pak - both have one thing in common. They were both made for royalty! Yes, indeed! The Mysore Pak or ‘Mysuru Paaka’ (which literally translates to Mysore Sweet Syrup) was first prepared for the royal family in Mysore. It is also one of those rare sweets which has received the honour of being named after its place of origin. Ever so aromatic with the goodness of ghee, this original Karnataka dessert is today a favourite across all of South India. Whenever you are having a bad day, order some Mysorepak from Vellanki Foods and instantly feel like the prince/princess you are on the inside!


  • Gram flour (Besan), Sugar, Ghee .

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