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Ghee Papidi

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Ghee papidi from Vellanki Foods is firm to the touch, but instantly melts in your mouth! Made with gram flour, maida, sugar and, of course, ghee, we have taken meticulous care to ensure that our ghee papidi is authentic, consistent and tastes exquisite with every bite The making of the ghee papidi is no small feat. It all begins with sifting together gram flour and maida in a large vessel and roasting them in plenty of ghee. Then, a syrup made with sugar, milk and water is added to the flour mixture, which is then beaten and moved around aggressively between 3-4 people until the sweet gets the flaky texture that we all know and love! Order a box to experience ghee papidi like never before!


  • Gram flour (besan), Maida, Sugar, Ghee

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