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Ginger Pickle (With Mango)

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The Ginger with Mango pickle (Mamidi Allam) is a winter-time staple in Telugu homes. While keeping the body warm, a spoonful of this pickle can also warm the heart with fond memories of the summer gone by! With a number of distinctly dominant ingredients, this pickle has a personality of its own - the pungent medicinal goodness of ginger, the mouth-watering taste of raw green mangoes, the occasional sweet surprise of jaggery and the tempering of these flavours by fenugreek seeds! This exceptional combination is cooked together with spices and garlic in groundnut oil and is enough to give you a foodgasm!


  • Ginger, Mango, Jaggery, Fenugreek seeds, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut oil, Garlic

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