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Magaya Pickle (Mango Thokku)

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Magaya Pickle, or mango pickle, is the most common pickle type in South India. Owing to its raw nature and taste, just a bite of the pickled mango is sure to send your mind into a delicious frenzy. During our childhood, dinner could be as simple as curd rice with magaya pickle to be satisfying; the delicious combination has stood the test of time and still thrives as a favourite meal among the younger generation. At Vellanki Foods, we use sun-dried mango slices to perfect the pickle. To go back to the summer of your childhood and enjoy Magaya Pickle the way you used to, order a bottle from Vellanki Foods and be amazed at how authentic the taste is!


  • Mangoes,  Fenugreek powder, Garlic, Asafoetida, Turmeric, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut Oil

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