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Mango Jelly

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Mango - the versatile king of fruits comes in a variety of forms, offering a favourite for everyone! Soft to the bite, chewy in the mouth, delicate on the palate, and playfully delicious on the tongue, the mango jelly is one such form that appeals to almost anybody! To make this delicacy, the best quality mangoes are plucked when they are ripened, made into a pulp, sweetened and dried under the summer sun. There are no summers in rural India without this all-time favourite, which is also known as Mamidi Tandra, Aam Papad, Amawat, Amba Vadi and Aamsotto in different regions. After all, if there is any reason to welcome the heat of the Indian summer, it is the fact that delicacies like this can be prepared! Order the mango jelly from Vellanki Foods and enjoy a slice of golden sunshine today!


  • Mango Pulp, Sugar

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