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Pootharekulu Dry Fruits(Pack of 5pcs)

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Pootharekulu is known to have originated from Atreyapuram, a village in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. It is a wafer-like sweet with a papery consistency, and is best described when translated from its Telugu name, where “pootha” means coating and “reku” means sheet. Pootharekulu, therefore, is a sheet made from rice flour, coated with sugar and ghee. Often, it is also made into a roll and stuffed with dry fruits. No wonder, it was once a food of the royalty in the ancient days, and had been quite exclusive due to its intricate method of making! Even today, the making of pootharekulu is an art which not all can master. Fortunately for you, at Vellanki Foods, we know just how to craft the perfect papery goodness for the pleasure of your palate!


  • Rice flour, Dry fruits, Jaggery, Ghee .

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