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Sweet Mango Pickle (Bellam Avakaya Pickles)

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Bellam (jaggery) is as much a part of the authentic Telugu cuisine as is the spicy red chilly - so much so that it has even made its way into a few pickles! Bellam Avakaya is one such sweet and sour pickle made predominantly from mangoes and jaggery. It has an elaborate method of preparation and is usually the delicious result of a grandmother’s labour of love. This pickle is freshly prepared every year during summer, in the season of mangoes. Because of its long shelf life, you can buy a bottle of these delicious pickles any time of the year from Vellanki Foods, and we will make sure that you enjoy a slice of summer, whenever your heart desires!


  • Mangoes, Jaggery, Garlic, Fenugreek powder, Mustard powder, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut Oil, Turmeric

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