How Can I Get Sweets From India In The USA and Canada?

Indian Sweets and Savories

When you are in the western land all by yourself, the little things often bring back memories of the festivities, food, and family. In India, every day is nothing less than a celebration, and no day is complete without little nick-nacks and sweets! From the relishing chenna (curd cheese) sweets to those made in pure desi ghee, India has a special treat from every corner of its land. As a resident of the United States or Canada, you may find it hard to source the delicacies of your motherland, India, and expect them to be fresh. 

Problems you may face while sourcing sweets from India

To begin with, your relatives or family may have to visit multiple stores to get the necessary sweets and savories. Once packed, the delivery time may be as high as 7-10 days with exorbitant shipping charges. That's a lot of waiting to get your hands on a sweet you're probably craving today. Additionally, there may be issues in logistics or even the possibility of the sweet getting spoilt by the time it reaches you. 

Now, let's say you decide to order online from specific stores of your choice. The choices of stores you may order from are limited, with no guarantee on the quality of the product, proper customer service to track orders, or even the delivery timelines. You may also place multiple orders if you want sweets and savories from several stores. Let's not forget about the load of paperwork to prove your identity and address, that comes with it!. 

So, are we suggesting that you should give up all hope of getting one little bite of your motherland?

Nope. Definitely not.

How to get sweets and savories from India?

 Here's what you must do to get fresh sweets and savories on time:

 1. A little research

Identify the famous stores in India, their specialties, and order only from the best. It is crucial as long shipping hours may often spoil your order. You can reach out to the vendor directly or order through marketplaces online. Ordering through marketplaces comes with the added security of being able to track your order and even expect a shorter delivery time.

 2. Prepare a list

India is a land of food, sweets and savories. Order what you may deem is necessary and will be able to store over a long period. Then, like a grocery list, order through your chosen marketplace.

 3. Watch the terms and delivery options

Understand the delivery terms and any hidden charges that you may incur to receive your order. Watch out for fraudulent transactions and purchase only from trusted sources. 

 4. Choose the Cherrypick advantage

Cherrypick is here to bring you a taste of your motherland, India, and that's why we take all measures to ensure you receive the sweets and savories in the freshest condition. Choose from multiple stores without the hassle of submitting any documents for verification. Our Cherrypickers then gets to work to pick up your order and ship them at the lowest shipping fee on the same day to ensure you receive it within four days. Our dedicated customer support and real-time order tracking options are here to assist you through the way. Our fast delivery network and transparent policies help you get the best of India on a platter in the USA or Canada.

Cherrypick Advantage

In conclusion

Sourcing quality savories and sweets from India has often been a hassle in the US. Luckily, with a growing global economy, you don't have to miss any Indian delicacies that you fondly cherish. Our platform, Cherrypick, helps you get sweets from India easily. While there are several marketplaces that you can choose from, ours allows you to shop from several stores at once and receive your order within four days! 

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