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8 South Indian Sweets You Cannot Miss!

Indian Sweets and Savories

When we say India is a diverse country, we don't just mean its culture and heritage. The diversity in its cuisines, desserts, and sweets is so vast that one cannot encapsulate it in one menu or a blog! 

We begin our journey down south. Over the last several decades, the rich flavors and cherished recipes of the south have made their way all across India and even global boundaries. Smashing the stereotypical image of being a land of idlis and dosa, rise a range of decadent sweets that have conquered hearts and bellies. So, if you're someone who relishes sweets and requires them to complete your meal, we bet reading further will leave you drooling. 

1. Bobbatlu

Bobbatlu, Pololu, Puran Poli, Holige, or Obattu - this dish has more names than ingredients owing to its wide acceptance across cultures. Jaggery and gram flour stuffed sweet flatbread, Bobbatlu is cherished during the festive season, with a hearty dollop of desi ghee. It is best served hot and enjoyed irrespective of the day or time!

2. Pootharekulu

Known to originate in Atreyapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India, Pootharekulu is a wafer-like sweet with crisp papery consistency. It is stuffed with rich dry fruits and coated well in sugar and desi ghee, making it a delectable royal affair. Poothaarekulu requires immense skill to work with rice flour and get the right consistency for a perfect sweet crunch. A traditional delicacy, Poothrakulu is one among the many sweets that put Andhra Pradesh on the global map!

3. Ariselu

 Ariselu is a traditional and nutritious delicacy from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It is made with rice flour and jaggery, and fried in clarified butter (ghee) or edible oil. Some may even top ariselu with some sesame seeds to enhance its flavor. This crunchy, sweet delicacy is famous in other states of India and referred to as kajjaya, anarsa or arsa.

4. Kova Kajjikayalu

Yet another Andhra Pradesh special, the kova kajjikayalu, is a majestic amalgamation of coconut, jaggery and khoya (or kova, dried whole milk). A balanced mix of coconut and jaggery gets stuffed in a sweet kova ball. If you're someone who relishes the flavor of nutty coconuts, then this sweet is something you shouldn't miss. 

5. Poornam Boorelu

This particular dish has multiple names but offers the same deliciousness in all its forms. Often referred to as Sugeelu, Suguntalu or Purnalu, it is a deep-fried sweet dumpling with a jaggery mixed dal paste and dried fruits. A must during Telugu festivities, especially around the harvest season, a bite of this delicacy is sure to bring back memories. 

6. Badusha or Balushahi

Popular in the southern states of India, Badusha or Balushahi, as many would call it, is simplicity at its best. It is made from a stiff dough of all-purpose flour, desi ghee, and a pinch of baking soda, fried and soaked in sugar syrup. The mechanics of preparing it and a measured balance in its flavors give it a sweet taste and elegant flaky texture. 

7. Kaju Pakam

Love cashews? Check. Love jaggery? Check. 

Kaju Pakam or Jeedipappu Pakam is nothing less than a relishing delicacy that satisfies the sweet tooth. It is an amalgamation of cashews and jaggery that offers a perfect amount of crunch and sweetness in every bite. It is a scrumptious bite that you can enjoy after a meal or cherish between them. 

 8. Kalakand

Popular during the festive seasons, Kalakand is a traditional Indian cheesecake. Made with sweetened milk, chopped nuts, sugar, saffron and topped with edible silver foil, Kalakand is a delicacy one cannot resist. On several occasions, kalakand is also served with crushed ice, providing a delicious cool twist to the sweet.


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